Verify Aadhaar linked email/mobile on UIDAI/mAadhaar app

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Press Release; dated 02.05.2023The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) noticed that in some instances, residents are unaware or unsure which of their mobile numbers are linked to their Aadhaar. As a result, residents are concerned that their Aadhaar OTP might be sent to some other mobile number. To address this issue, UIDAI has allowed residents to verify their mobile numbers and email IDs linked to their Aadhaar.

This feature can be accessed under the ‘Verify Email/Mobile Number’ option on the official website or through the mAadhaar app. It has been developed to allow residents to verify that their own email/mobile number is linked to their respective Aadhaar.

Additionally, this feature provides confirmation to residents that the email/mobile number they are aware of is the only number linked to the respective Aadhaar. If a particular mobile number is not linked, the feature notifies the resident and instructs them to take the necessary steps to update their mobile number, if they wish so.

In case, the mobile number is already verified residents will see a message on their screen, stating that ‘the mobile number you have entered is already verified with our records’. In case a resident does not remember the mobile number, she/he has given during enrolment she/he can check the last three digits of the mobile on the Verify Aadhaar feature on the Myaadhaar portal or mAadhaar App.

Also, if a resident wants to link an email/mobile number with Aadhaar or update her/his email/mobile number, she/he may visit the nearest Aadhaar centre.

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The post Verify Aadhaar linked email/mobile on UIDAI/mAadhaar app appeared first on Taxmann Blog.

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