Types of Loan

Business Loan

Working Capital loan, Loan for Business expansion

Overdraft/ Cash Credit

Temporary credit line based on use basis

Home Loan

Loan for purchase or construction of new House

Personal Loan

Loan based on personal credit worthiness

Loan against Property

loan against mortgage of property 

Services we offer


CMA data Preparation

A CMA report which is professionally prepared can enhance the chances of obtaining a bank loan. Under the Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA), banks have been permitted for sanctioning credit proposals (of large borrowers) after detailed analysis of the past performance


Projected Financial Statement

Projected Balancesheet, Projected Revenue Statement, Loan Repayment Schedule, Projected Cash Flow Statement


Project Report

A project report for bank loan is a document which details out about a business or project for which finance is being sought. It contains the details about the financial, economic, managerial, technical aspects of the project or business in question


Cibil Report

Your CIBIL score is a three-digit number, ranging from 300 to 900, used by banks and NBFCs to ascertain your credit worthiness